How to find legitimate steroid websites

Now that we’ve established where you can find supplier, i.e. Google or other search engines, we’re going to detail how you find legitimate ones — that is the most important thing here after all. If you’re completely new to the steroid game or are simply looking to find a new supplier then this guide is for you. In fact, even if you’re a seasoned bodybuilder you still may find our advice useful. It has been designed to stop people from getting scammed and to save you from losing your hard-earned cash. Follow our rules and you’ll put yourself in the best position possible to stay safe when you buy anabolics.

So, you’ve typed in a search related to the purchase of anabolics on Google…what next? Well…

  1. Take your time to browse through the first few pages of results, even if means going to every single online store. It’s inevitable that some results will be articles or other sites not selling steroids, but the vast majority will be. Just like any other purchase you should not rush into buying. Once you’ve found a handful of websites that fit the bill, i.e. they have the products and brands you’re interested in, then you can move to the next step.
  2. Carry out research. You’d not buy products or from suppliers that you’ve not ready any reviews for, so why start with steroids? There are several ways that you can find out whether or not a site is legit. Firstly, head on over to and/or These sites were solely created for the purpose of independent reviews, and are a superb place to view feedback on potential sources and brands. Secondly, try looking on bodybuilding forums for feedback also. Locate ones that are based in your country as this will give you the most specific and accurate information. Obviously, you can Google search for reviews too. Look through the reviews and see which sites are up to scratch. Do they have positive reviews? Are the reviews recent? Does the brand have a good reputation? Make sure ‘yes’ is the answer to all of these questions.

Once you’ve reached this stage then you’re ready to purchase.

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