Top tips for staying safe when buying online

  1. We highly advise those purchasing steroids to online use domestic sources. We advise this for several reasons. Firstly, and most importantly, it is far easier to get steroids through domestic mail systems compared to international ones. Customs are getting tighter and tighter each year, and it is becoming much harder to import steroids and not get caught. If you do get caught then the best you’ll get is a slap on the wrist and your name and address blacklisted (and no doubt added to the FBI’s ‘list’) and the worst case scenario is jail time. Obviously, we do not want anyone to go to jail over buying a few vials of testosterone, so buy from the USA online and you’ll make it a lot safer for yourself. In addition, it will arrive a lot faster and will typically cost far less.
  2. Test orders are vital. Never place a huge order when first ordering from a supplier — even if they have a plethora of positive reviews. This is a grey/black market area after all, and sites can disappear at the drop of a hat. Always make a small order first and assess how the transaction went. Did it arrive on time? Was there adequate and timely communication from the seller? Are the products legit? Think of it just like any other online purchase. Don’t order again unless you are completely satisfied.

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